X Winery’s Reed Renaudin creates innovative blends you won’t find in any rulebook - because people don’t drink rules. They drink wines. Reed explores possibilities more traditional winemakers never consider because he follows only one rule:  Make wines people love to drink!



What the X?

Summarizing what X Winery does is like trying to explain “Bromance”  to a foreigner. Several depictions, a few hand gestures and a ton of blank stares later and in the end they think you want to date their brother.  Well, only if your brother likes long walks on the beach and doesn’t mind holding hands in public; call us 707.204.9522.

Our complexity stems from the fact that we are constantly exploring possibilities more traditional companies never consider. From helping other winemakers make their own wines to producing our own kick-ass blends, everything we do is focused on evolutionary or disruptive strategies that always put the consumers’ taste first.

Need further reassurance? Check out who is talking about us or our MANIFESTO.