Reed Renaudin, founder and head winemaker, has made a career of being the consummate outsider, in the ultimate insider's business.

Reed Renaudin, founder and head winemaker, has made a career of being the consummate outsider in the ultimate insider’s business. In the 11-year ascent of X Winery from mere thoughts to a trailblazer in the wine industry, Reed has spared no effort in selling his products across the country. Since the winery was but a twinkle in his eye, he has espoused the kind of spirit and tenacity necessary to take on the entrenched names and brands that dominate the wine business.

Characterized by a grizzled two-day shadow, his is the face of a new movement transforming the wine business and leveling the playing field for the average consumer. The task of converting existing connoisseurs and changing perceptions of many outsiders, however, has been an uphill battle.

“Despite our successes in utilizing new technology, lowering production costs, and outperforming and underselling our competition, this is not for the faint of heart. We are up against unlimited financing, a glutted market, and history,”Renaudin says.

Stemming from a MBA business plan hatched by Reed at 


Cal Poly, San Obispo, X Winery has the stated goal of creating wines with an outstanding value for consumers. This has come to fruition as a result of innovative production methods, creative sales techniques, and inventive management practices.

Reed knows the industry from his MBA work, studies in enology at UC Davis, and experience winemaking at several high profile wineries here and abroad. Throughout his long career however, Reed has always viewed the customer as the highest priority.

“We develop our following by basing our products off of consumer tastes,” Renaudin says. “We don’t tell customers what they want, we listen. It’s just common sense.”

Through hard work, singular vision, and unmatched drive, Reed has built a brand on vineyard partners, extensive distribution networks, production facilities, and consumer feedback. He has put the wine world on notice by creating a new discussion on how to produce premium, transcendent products at modest prices.